Benefits of participating

The FIMS Task force actively encourages the participation of media companies, vendors and independent consultants. There is no charge to participate and membership of the AMWA or the EBU is not required.

How will FIMS help my business?

For media companies, participation allows you to influence the direction and the priorities of the FIMS projects to ensure that the results can have the maximum benefit for your business.

Of course, when planning to change to a new system architecture it is important to get buy-in from senior executives. To explain the benefits to your company's business, there is a new resource which relates the use of FIMS to the rapidly changing media environment and consumer expectations. The FIMS Executive presentation does not use technical terminology and explains the benefits of adopting a Service Oriented Architecture in business and operational terms. There are extensive speaker's notes, so please use and adapt it to suit your needs!

For vendors, participation enables you to ensure that your products match the evolving standards, monitor the technical strategy of a wide range of media companies and maintain a competitive edge over competitors who are not involved.

As a participant, you can set the level of involvement to suit your business and available resources. At its simplest, participation can just be to monitor the development of a project to understand the thinking and watch its progress. At a more involved level, participation can be to contribute your knowledge and experience to actively influence a project to help your business.

So far, there has been demonstrable progress on projects to support Media Ingest, Content Transfer, Transcoding plus the all important Orchestration layer which manages the individual services. Currently there are plans to develop Repository and Quality Analysis interfaces and a REST reference implementation.

To get involved please click on About Us above for contacts, or complete a Participation Agreement which is available in the Quick Links in the right hand column.

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