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FIMS Admin Board
Email: fims_adm@list.ebu.ch

Mary C. Schneider, Operations Manager
Voice: + 1-608-206-7758
Email: mary.schneider@amwa.tv

Jean-Pierre Evain
Voice: +41 22 717 27 34
Email: evain@ebu.ch

FIMS Administrative Board

The FIMS Administrative Board consists of members of both AMWA and EBU. The charter of the board is to oversee and direct the project in compliance with the Terms of Reference

Current Board members include:

FIMS Co-chair (EBU) - Giorgio Dimino
FIMS Co-chair (AMWA) - Dan Shockley
Business Board Chair - Ben Ropke
Technical Board Chair - Loic Barbou, Triskel
Project Coordinator - Jean-Pierre Evain
Sponsor Representative (EBU) - Hans Hoffmann
Sponsor Representative (AMWA) - Brad Gilmer

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