How the FIMS Process Works

The FIMS project has a formal governance structure and is managed at two levels.

The Business Board evaluates the business relevance of new project proposals and defines the requirement. It also has the task of prioritizing the work between different projects which may compete for the same resources. The Business Board represents the interests of the end users.

The Technical Board estimates the scale of resources required to deliver a project and provides technical guidelines and requirements to ensure a consistent approach in the development of products. The Technical Board represents the interests of the developers for the projects.

The Project Teams are composed of technical experts from any number of companies or resources. Anyone who has interest in any specific project is welcome to join the development team to create the requested deliverables based on the project requirements. Members of the project team must sign the Participation Agreement before contributing to the project. Click the Quick Link in the right hand column - Participation Agreement.

Meetings are usually set up using Webex. The frequency of meetings depends on the activity of the group.

The FIMS Business Board meetings are for users only.

At any one time there could be two groups holding Webex meetings on a weekly basis but also face to face when needed.

Participation by all FIMS members is welcome. To join any Webex or face to face Technical meeting you must have signed the FIMS Participation Agreement. This ensures that all FIMS project results are protected by the AMWA IP rules (in brief, all resulting products are compensation/royalty free). Members of the FIMS Business Board are not required to submit a Participation Agreement.

There is no fee to become a participant in the FIMS work force, nor is membership in the AMWA or the EBU neccessary.

The Procedure used to agree and execute a new project is a formal one to ensure that each proposal has the maximum benefit to the media industry and that there are sufficient resources available to deliver the result. To request a new project, the proponent must submit a Project Concept document to the Business Board which summarizes the business and technical benefits, a high level effort estimate, resource commitment and sponsors of the project.

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